Phitjà – Shampoo with Mango Extract and Aloe vera

Koster Phitjà shampoo with Mango and Aloe Vera has a rich and creamy texture to gently nourish the hair and moisturize it deep down. Aloe Vera and Mango Extract offer unique protection, rebuilding the hydrolipid film that prevents dehydration of the hair shaft. Koster shampoo is designed to make hair healthy and radiant. The ultra gentle revitalising formula makes it perfect for frequent use, and is especially suited to sensitive skin.

Professional use only

1000 ml size


Mango extract, to rebuild the hydrolipid film of the hair, maintaining hydration

Extremely gentle formula, ideal for frequent use

Aloe Vera, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, nourishes the hair deep down


Hair is revitalised and visibly healthy