Nutris Curl – Mask for curly and wavy hair

Ideal for curly or wavy hair, Nutris Curl Hair Mask lends softness and hydration to even the thickest and most unruly hair. The formula offers body with complete lightness and softness without weighing the hair down. Its velvety, creamy texture defines each strand, for compact curls with added bounce. With its film-forming properties, this Linden Extract formula limits water-loss, protecting the hair shaft and promoting glossiness.

Size 500 ml

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Linden Extract. Derived from the flowers and bracts of plants from the Tilia genus, part of the Tiliaceae family. Thanks to its flavonoids (such as rutin and quercetin) and its tannins, it can strengthen and soothe hair.


Management of unruly hair

New-found definition and elasticity for your curls

Compact and fluid curls