Dekolor Plex – Purple Compact Bleaching Powder

Dekolor Plex purple bleaching powder is a professional product based on Plex and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, suitable for various working techniques: from colour streaks to balayage and highlights.

Dekolor Plex is indispensable for intensive and safe bleaching thanks to its non-volatile formulation and its active ingredients:

  • Plex protects the hair fibre during bleaching, ensuring a brilliant result and hair full of vitality.
  • The Hydrolysed Wheat Proteinprovides moisturisation and brilliance for a radiant and shiny result.

Professional use

Size: 500 g

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Non-volatile formula for safe use on hair

Lightens up to 9 tones

Mixing ratio from 1:1.5 to 1:2

Application time: 20 to 40/45 minutes

10/20/30 vol. oxidizing emulsion


Bleaching is impeccable and the hair is bright and hydrated.