Phitjà – Shampoo with essence of papaya and nettle

Phitjà shampoo with essence of papaya and nettle is developed for oily hair and dandruff. Their high concentration of mineral salts (iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium) and vitamins (A, C, E) mean that the active ingredients Papaya and Nettle are key to nourishing and cleansing of the hair: the penetrating action works quickly to eliminate the cause of dandruff and restore balance to the scalp, bringing softness and radiance to the hair. Regular use of this shampoo rebalances sebaceous secretions, regulating and purifying the scalp.

Professional use only

1000 ml size


Essence of Papaya and Nettle, rich in mineral salts and vitamins for deep nourishing

Deep cleansing action that eliminates dandruff


Hair is purified, stronger and more radiant