Phitjà – Conditioner with Mango and Aloe Vera extacts

The Phitjà conditioner with mango and aloe vera extracts is set apart by its rich and creamy texture, which deeply nourishes and moisturises the hair.

Its ultra-gentle formula, with moisturising and emollient properties, is ideal for frequent washing. The Phitjà conditioner works to protect the hair shaft, leaving the hair full-bodied, shiny and easy to comb.

Professional use


Size: 1000 ml


Mango: thanks to its protective and moisturising actions, it restores and preserves the hair’s hydrolipidic film, providing the right amount of nourishment to the hair without weighing it down.

Aloe vera: this plant is renowned for its soothing and regenerating properties, ideal for healthy, strong and revitalised hair. 

The extremely gentle formula is perfect for frequent washing.

  • Hair is visibly healthier and revitalised
  • Voluminous and glossy hair
  • Hair is easy to comb