Hairvive – 10-in-1 Restorative Spray Mask

The Hairvive 10-in-1 Restorative Spray Mask is a no-rinse treatment formulated for damaged and treated hair. Sprayed onto damp hair, it strengthens and improves the quality of the hair fibres, providing protection and preventing breakage and split ends. Its laminating action seals the hair cuticles and creates extraordinary shine.


180 ml

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Cotton extract: restores the hair’s natural hydrolipid film, providing deep moisturising action for dry and dull hair

Elderberry extract: an active ingredient with recognised antioxidant properties, it slows down the hair’s ageing process, protecting it from external damage


Protects against heat damage

Counteracts frizz

Boosts radiance

Increases body

Provides UV protection



Prevents split ends


Ensures long-lasting styling